Monday, September 03, 2007

100 things

It's taken me a while to actually get in the mood to write one of these, but I like to read them on other peoples' blogs, so here you are.

1. I am the oldest of three.
2. My sister is nearly two years younger than me.
3. And my brother is nearly five years younger.
4. I'm a senior in high school.
5. I don't know what I want to do with my life.
6. And that scares me.
7. Actually, that doesn't scare me.
8. Not being finacially stable scares me.
9. I have the most wonderful boyfriend.
10. If things don't get messed up when college starts, I'm sure we'll be married.
11. I have a lot of books.
12. I haven't read at least a quarter of them, and that makes me sad.
13. Ever since I started knittng, reading has taken a back seat.
14. Knitting makes me feel better.
15. I'm definately a process knitter.
16. I hardly finish anything I start.
17. So, when I do, I feel pretty good, even though all I care about is having the yarn and needles in my hands.
18. I have a lilac French Angora rabbit named Louis.
19. I mostly call him Lou.
20. I also have a green and yellow parakeet.
21. His name is Kirk.
22. After Kirk, a character in Gilmore Girls, who Bird Kirk acts just like.
23. I started really knitting in September 2005.
24. I learned how to knit when I was eleven.
25. But put it away because I was eleven.
26. I'm so glad I found it when I was fifteen.
27. Thanks to knitting blogs, I was introduced to spinning.
28. I bought a spindle after I had been knitting for about a year.
29. It was from ebay.
30. About five months after that, I took three hundred dollars out of my bank account to help pay for half of my Louet Victoria.
31. I love it.
32. It was a good investment.
33. This is what I'm afraid of.
34. Not having enough money to pay for my hobby.
35. I like going to see plays on stage.
36. My parents took me to see The Music Man, Fiddler on the Roof, Les Miserables, and a few other plays before I was ten years old.
37. For my tenth birthday, I asked to go to Toronto, Cananda, to watch The Phantom of the Opera.
28. We went.
29. I still remember a lot of that trip.
30. I've been to Toronto once since then.
31. It was with my school band and choir.
32. I play trumpet.
33. I'm not very good.
34. I don't practice at home, even though I have a second trumpet to practice with.
35. When we went on the band trip, about half of us saw Wicked.
36. It didn't appeal to me, so I didn't spend the extra seventy five dollars to see it.
37. I don't regret it.
38. Because last April, on my last band trip, I got to see Les Miserables on Broadway in New York City.
39. That was amazing.
40. I've been hiking in Alaska.
41. I went with a group from school.
42. There were about sixty people who went.
43. Every one got along very well.
44. We hiked Crow Pass, and I can't wait to go back.
45. I've also been to Yellowstone with the same group.
46. I've had such a fantastic life.
47. Which is why I feel so badly when I complain about life at home.
48. My parents have let a twenty one year old wash up live with us for this last year.
49. I don't like her, but I tolerate her.
50. My brother hates her.
51. Yet, my parents don't realize that it's another thing to tear our family apart.
52. I asked my parents to have her out before my birthday (didn't happen) so I could have my senior year.
53. This is going to be hard.
54. To me, it seems like my parents don't care what this situation is doing to my brother and me.
55. But I've got my best friend to help me get through it.
56. I have no idea what's going to happen to us once we go to college.
57. You see, she's amazing at volleyball.
58. All schools want her. She's very smart too.
59. She's been accepted at West Point already.
60. I'll probably stay in Michigan.
61. Shoot, a couple of those weren't about me.
62. I haven't even applied to a college yet.
63. I'm thinking about Central Michigan University.
64. Mostly because it's closer to Michigan Tech.
65. Which is where my boyfriend has applied.
66. He's also applied to University of Oklahoma, which is where a lot of his family is from.
67. My decision will probably be determinded by where he or Kristy (the best friend) goes.
68. It won't matter.
69. I don't know what I want to major in either.
70. Most likely, I'll stay in-state because it's less expensive.
71. And then I will feel guilty because my grandmother expects more of me.
72. Growing up is hard.
73. How do you do it?
74. I collect coffee mugs from places I've been to.
75. I didn't get one from my Alaska trip.
76. I didn't have any spending money.
77. I only took food money, which was dumb because food is way more expensive up there.
78. I like to people watch.
79. Listening to peoples' conversations makes me think.
80. I hardly like to take part, though.
81. I used to like to listen to my parents and their friends talk late at night, but I'd always get sent to bed.
82. I hated that.
83. Now, I guess I'm old enough to listen to them.
84. Their conversations aren't as stimulating anymore.
85. I prefer to listen to my friends parents talk.
86. I don't intend to be mean, but my parents didn't go to college, and my friends' parents have.
87. I don't know if that has anything to do with their conversations, but it might.
88. My father owns a wrecker service.
89. Some might know that as a towing service.
90. My grandpa started it; he went to school for business.
91. My dad wasn't one for school.
92. My mom works at our hospital.
93. She answers phones and prints out charts. She's done it for about as long as I've been alive.
94. I'm very insecure.
95. A little about my body, but mostly about my intelligence and abilities.
96. I never think I'm good enough in school.
97. That is because I don't try.
98. I hate that I'm lazy and procrastinate.
99. Yet, I haven't been able to change it since fourth grade.
100. I appear a lot more together than I really am.

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Young n Crafty said...

It seriously surprised me in a huge way how much we have in common...

I, too, have 1 bro and 1 sis. I too, watch Gilmore Girls and it makes me crack up to think how your parakeet must act. I am a teenager and knit. I love seeing plays on stage. I play the trumpet with my school band and I sort of could do better. I don't collect cofee mugs, but refrigerator magnets from where Ive been to. I too, people watch and listen to other people's conversations, even when I have no idea who they are. I hardly take part either. My parents, even now when I am almost a legal adult, get me sent a out of the room when they're talking grown up stuff. My mom works at a hospital too.