Saturday, October 27, 2007

October is almost over.

I finished the baby socks, but I didn't get a picture of the finished pair. Just imagine the single sock times two. I haven't knit on the sweater in over a week, I think. I haven't spun anything. I haven't done much really, with school and Cameron. I've also been really lazy about taking and uploading pictures to flickr.

Tonight is my town's Halloween Parade, and Cameron is in that. Maybe I'll get a couple pictures. All the band members will be in a costume, which is always fun to watch. And one of my best friends, Danny, always makes his own costumes; last year, he was Bender from Futurama. I don't have a costume yet. Maybe I'll just hand out candy with Cameron at his house, since fewer than ten people ever come down my street.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Think pink.

Pink and picoted., originally uploaded by Fletch Knits.

Tangled Yoke has taken a back seat so I can knit little-bitty pair of socks for my teacher's baby. It's a simple pattern. Cast on 44 stitches, join and work four rounds in stockinette, k2tog yo for a round, knit another four rounds in stockinette, knit the cast on edge together with the fifth round and then knit plain for about one and three-quarter inches and work a short row heel, knit for about an inch and a half and then work a short row toe and kitchener stitch the toe shut, and voila, baby sock. I've already got its mate partly done, and I'm pretty sure I can finish tomorrow, for when my teacher will be back at school. I hope he likes them.