Friday, March 30, 2007

Found it.

My camera that is. I want to know how the hell it got in the sleeve of my winter coat. And this is my new wheel. Oh, yeah.

Monday, March 26, 2007


What does love feel like? Like, non-familial.

I've been in such a high state of elation that I can't stop saying it to everyone. I'm just so happy. I hope I can feel like this for a long time.

I've also noticed that everyone has been crocheting(!) granny squares. I have to admit, I've done it too, even though I don't like crochet that much. I would take a picture, but I'm pretty sure my lovely camera got accidentally thrown away. But, frankly, I don't care right now. I just don't.

I started Eunny's Entrelac socks from the most recent IK. I've only been working on them during TLC's show about giving kids cameras (can't remember the name) and Little People, Big World on Monday nights. It's pretty relaxing. Again, no picture because of the afore mentioned loss of camera.

G'Night, Internets.

And I think I'm only going to be blogging very seldom. I just don't have much to say and with no pictures, this is a very boring blog.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yeah, long absence, I know. I've been ill for the last few days. First it was a stuffy nose, then runny nose. Then my throat was sore. I was achy. My throat got worse. I've lost my voice. But all in all, I feel a whole heck of a lot better. Still not one hundred percent, but better.

In the Good News department, I've half way got a new Louet Victoria. I went to the Spinner's Flock meeting yesterday, and I convinced my mom to buy it for me. She didn't have her checkbook, so we're mailing a payment tomorrow. I have to pay for half, but I don't care. Especially because I'm getting it for almost one hundred dollars cheaper.

In the Bad News department, a very well known and very loved senior was killed in a car accident last Wednesday. Jeri Holt was on her way to school and the country roads were slippery. She was turning a corner at the same time as an empty school bus was going the opposite way. Her car somehow slid into the other lane and clipped the bus. She was pronounced dead on scene. One of the worst parts was that her mom happened upon the crash on her way to work and her dad is on the police force and he was a first responder to the accident.
Now, I didn't know Jeri very well, but she was in my math class and she was a very nice person every time I had the chance to talk to her.
I'm starting to think that something bad will continue to happen to people on the seventh day of every few months to people in my math class. A classmate's father died in a plane crash on December 7 last year.

I just want to let everyone know that I have not abandoned my blog, I've just had some more important things to deal with recently. And for the longest time, I couldn't knit. It was a horrible time.