Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Close Up

Ene Progress, originally uploaded by Wileycomma.

Rachel requested a close up of my handspun. It's not the greatest detail shot. It's what I already had on flickr. Sorry, but I'm lazy. Hopefully, I can get some modeled pictures of it. Just not now.

Ene's Scarf

Ene's Scarf, originally uploaded by Wileycomma.

Finished forever ago, over two months, even.
Started February 21 2008
Completed March 10 2008
Knitted on US 6 needles with my hand spun, that I thought was going to be for socks, but it turned out a bit thicker. Then I saw Ene's Scarf started from the longest edge and decreased to nothing. I liked that the knitting got smaller as I went on. It made it go faster, I think. "I'll knit a few more rows. They're getting shorter, so it won't take me as long. Then I'll go to bed." That sort of thing. I might someday get a modeled shot of this, but it's summer and I don't really feel like it, sorry to say.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Schedule

June 23-30: Colorado
June 31: Fly to Florida
July 1-5: Florida with Cameron's family
July 6-18: Home
July 19-26: Up by Manistee, Michigan with Cameron's family
July 27-August 21: Fit in two week England trip with my grandma and time to pack for college.
August 22: Leave for Michigan Tech (ten hour drive)
August 23: Move-in day
August 26: My eighteenth birthday
September 2: Classes start

Holy smokes. Busy.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Catch up


Laguna, originally uploaded by Wileycomma.

...to this!

Finished. Forever ago...., originally uploaded by Wileycomma.

Finally, here's something. I finished this yarn a couple months ago. I'm having a difficult time catching up.


Fiber : 4 oz. Superwash Blue Faced Leisester wool from Julia.

Two-ply sock to heavy sock weight.

I had fun. :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

I done grad-je-ated.

I done grad-je-ated., originally uploaded by Wileycomma.

Open House June 8th at my house.