Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Flash Your Stash : Belated

This is my sock yarn. Knitpicks' Flower Power, varigated. Blue-blood red Wildfoote. Some black that I'm not sure of the name and some Lorna's Laces in #76, Aslan.

This is my wool. I've got some color your own, which should be really fun. I've got some left over Lamb's Pride worsted. I've also got some lace yarn which I'm hoping to make a shawl or shrug for my mom for Mother's Day.
This is some CottonTots. I really like it. I'm going to attempt to make Reid from the new spring Knitty. I'll post that link soon. I'll bet the guage will be off, but I'm making the smallest size (that's the beginning on the needles) and hoping that it will fit my three year old neighbor, and if not, I'll make her another one (if this goes well, haha) and give this to some other baby/kid that my mom probably knows.

Anyway, sorry that this is ten days late. I really am trying to post as often as I have something to post about.

P.S. I'm really happy to start getting comments! And as soon as I figure out how to respond I will. Thanks!

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trek said...

I like your sock yarns!
And I also share some of your taste in books: Tolkien, Paolini, Rowling, Funke. Have you ever read Eddings?