Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Guilty of neglecting my blog. I should be back to daily/every other day posting as soon as my AP Euro test is done on Friday. (That's also a good-bye to Miss Sparrow, our student teacher. We'll miss you!) I've been trying to study for the past two weeks. I don't think I'll do too well. I will be extremely happy if I get a three (out of nine) on my essay. Studying for this test has been hard for me. I start to read and study, but then I get distracted. Then the tv goes on. Then I try to study again. Then I need to do laundry. Study. Need to feed the birds. Study. Need to wash my hair. Study. Friends is on. SVU is on. ER is on. Time for bed! Ugh. I have a pathetic work ethic. I should work on that....

I miss my camera. I want to take pictures. I hate pictureless posts. Pout.

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Teresa said...

Ms.Sparrow, what a perfect name for a teacher. I picture someone petite who flits from here to there and is a favorite with her students. But the best teacher name I have run across is Ms. Sweet; and she WAS sweet, and perfectly suited for teaching young children.