Sunday, July 30, 2006

How cool...

Me and the Harlot. Heck yes! She is a lot funnier in person....Even though I arrived just in time to be sent up stairs to watch on a large screen. I think it was better though, it was a lot cooler than down stairs. I still got my books signed. I'll post some pictures once my webcam decides to work again. Thank you, Katherine, for the photo. I have never, in my short knitting life, ever seen that many knitters. Partly because I live in a little town and I don't think there is a knitting club/guild/SnB anywhere near here. But it was great.

I love big cities. Heh...Ann Arbor? A big city? Not so much, but bigger than home. Any where that has a parking garage is a big city to us "country folk". My brother just got home from Chicago. He saw a Cirque du Soleil show (not sure which one, whichever was in Chicago).
I love Chicago. I was very jealous. Then I realized if I had gone, no Harlot. Even trade.

Knitters are great people.

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