Friday, August 04, 2006

Blogger sucks

...yet I continue to use it. It's picture uploading really needs to be the first thing they fix. I'm seriously contemplating switching to a different service. Yeah, yeah, Blogger's free and all, but for as many people that use it, you'd think they'd (Blogger people) wise up and make it better. I really want to post but I can't because it's pictures and I've tried yesterday and today...Ugh
Maybe I should just learn how to use html better and upload photos to photobucket...which just takes longer......Blogger sucks.

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Carrie K said...

I know! I lost a whole post the other day after Blogger did load 5 pictures but then wiped them all when I tried to add a link. Grrr.

I'm just going through us August Birthday Swap people and saw your blog.

Meeting the Yarn Harlot in person sounds like fun.