Saturday, August 25, 2007

Time and Lazy

It won't stop raining. It's been cloudy for days. I'm still knitting, but I'm not knitting what I want to. Why is it that anytime I'm free, I don't feel like doing the math for my sweater, but as soon as I have things to do, I really want to work on it? And I wish I had a printer. It's fairly annoying to have to go to my grandparents' houses anytime I want something printed off, like charts, for example. I can't knit my colorwork mittens away from my desk right now because I have to sit in front of my computer to read the charts. I suppose I could copy them down by hand...But I don't have any graph paper and I really don't want to draw a ton of squares.

I've got to go volunteer at my local hospital.

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