Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dark at five thirty

Crappy lighting at five. I can't ever find the time right after school to take photos of my knitting! My Lady E is half way finished and I've started the Juno Regina from the most recent Knitty Surprise. That is being knit out of some of my own handspun. Once I can get decent photos, I'll give more details.

I get to go to the Trans Siberian Orchestra this Saturday in Grand Rapids. Oh, boy! I can't wait, but I need to buy some dress pants by tomorrow. Then, the next Saturday, is my Spinner's Flock meeting, which I will finally be able to go to, and that evening is my high school's winter formal, Snowball. I've already got my dress, so that's one less thing I need to do.


Joan [] said...

I came here from the knitter project and I just wanted to say I'm also a 17 year old knit blogger who gets weird looks, lol. I love your spinning, the header is gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you!