Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hello. My name's Elizabeth and I suffer from SSS.

I suffer from Second Sock Syndrome. Pretty much means I don't knit the second sock in a pair for quite a while. See below.

Today I've been working on and off on the first sock from the Broadripple pattern from Knitty. The link is over in the sidebar. I've almost got the gusset finished. But I didn't knit seven inches from the cast on as recommended. I only knit about four.

And even though I'm not participating in the Knitting Olympics I'm trying to finish two pairs of socks before they end. One of which has been half finished since before Christmas and the pair was supposed to be a gift for one of my very best friends, Kristy. I got bored with that pattern because her feet are about a literal foot long. She's 6'1". Yeah, I know. The pattern is Holly's Socks over in the sidebar.

I think my mom ordered the family camera this afternoon, so look foreward to pictures. I'm only worried that my sister will break it. Or lose it. Or let a friend borrow it. I hope that she is only allowed to use it under the supervision of my or my mom. My dad wouldn't stop her from doing any thing. He's such a softie.
Any way, I'm off to finish my sock. I wonder if Grey's Anatomy is on tonight. I hope so.

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