Friday, February 17, 2006

To Whom It Concerns : The Beginning

Hello, my fellow bloggers.
I've toyed around with blogs and websites in the past but I never really became too consistant. Partially because I couldn't ever post pictures due to the lack of digital camera. It turns out that my family is getting a digital camera from a Rewards point system that my dad belongs to with his work. He's a Wrecker Service/Auto shop. I'm very happy to finally be getting a camera.
Well, since I didn't get around to signing up for the sockpaloooza at The Blue Blog (links to come when I have time) I'm going to knit or attempt to knit the Tech Guy socks. My first real attempt at short rows...I'm a bit nervous.
And today I also bought the Yarn Harlot's At Knit's End book. I'm already half way through it. I think it's really cute and a nice book to have.

Happy Knitting, and pictures to come!

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