Friday, August 25, 2006

A very happy birthday to me!

Wow, guess what was waiting for me when I got home. I got some sock yarn and some tweedy goodness. With the sock yarn, I got two 16-inch circulars to play with two socks on two circs. I've one up-ed it by doing them toe up with the magic cast on from knitty. Some one else's blogs will have the link, trust me. The yarn is 100 grams total of sport weight Louet Sales pure merino wool, super wash, in French Blue. That was probably confusing as all get out, but I'm excited, deal with it.

Green tea. I love me some tea. It's Tazo's Om organic green tea blend. I will have me a cuppa first thing in the morning. And. Chocolate. Moonstruck Chocolatiers Hand Crafted Artisan Chocolates. Four pieces of yummy chocolate truffles. I wish I could say I didn't eat them all within minutes of opening my box, but I can't. I did let my mom and brother have a bite of one, though. In my package there was also Pirate Band-aids. How did you know that Pirates of the Carribean(two r's? two b'?) two is my favorite movie right now? And they came in handy too. On my camping trip, I dropped a heavy rock on my finger and it needed a fresh bandage.

This is some Burt's Bees Body wash, in the Citrus & Ginger Root flavor, and some Lip Shimmer, in shade Champagne. YUM! In the background are some pencil toppers. It's SUSHI. How cool? Those will be on my pencils come school time. The white square are sticky notes that say BLAH, BLAH, BLAH on the top. Perfect.
And I have some Rowan of my very own...and it's tweed! Chrissy read my questionaire and nailed it.


No, really, I do.

Also, to Tabitha, I'll be sending your package either tomorrow or Monday. Again. Ugh, stupid USPS.


knittinmom said...

Yay! Glad you like it - I had so much fun shopping for you.

Happy birthday, again!

amanda cathleen said...

wow! What a great package! Happy Birthday : )