Friday, August 18, 2006

When Connor met Fletch

My dog and Annie's dog met today. We should have waited until we were both in neutral territory. Maybe in the baseball fields. They walked fine together around the track. I bet after a few more times, Connor can come into the house! I can't wait. And next weekend/week I'll be going to see Annie's dogs! Her huskies! I love 'em. Oak, Reb, Juno, Roary, Kody, Kuz, and there are more. Yukon, Ishla, and Cedric, the non-husky-pointer-dog. I'm very happy. We're also going to see if we have a harness that would fit Fletch to see if he'll pull. Woooooo! I love dogs.

And I'm babysitting Mary. Mary is a little dog. I'm getting paid. Finally, the end of summer, when kids make the most money, I'm making my first measly twenty dollars. I'm greatful for every cent, but still. And once school starts, I'll be babysitting Alex, the neighbor boy, for an hour or so every Tuesday. I hope that will pay for gas money. Ha, I'm delusional. I need a job. Someone hire me.

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